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DARANYI, Esteban Francisco Tucson, Arizona

Esteban Francisco Daranyi, 92, passed away peacefully at Tucson's Catalina Foothills Adult Care facility on January 5, 2022 from natural causes. He died as a loving, happy man, offering his characteristic wide smile to whomever he greeted and to all those who cared for him. Affectionately known as 'Puki' as a child, and then endearingly as 'Pops' to his eleven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, Esteban lived an amazingly rich, remarkable life. He was known for his generosity, kindness, sense of humor, devotion to his children, hard work, intelligence and his faith.

A Tucson resident since 1969, and of German-Hungarian lineage, Esteban was born in Hamburg, Germany on February 11, 1929. His family fled to Peru during World War II in 1942, when Esteban was merely 13 years old, by making a very hazardous journey across the Atlantic Ocean by ship. Esteban and his parents, Esteban Daranyi, Sr. and Elsa Hansen, and his only sister, Maria Felicidad 'Mafeli', lived through the rise of Nazism in Germany and fascism in Europe. His witness of the rise of the Third Reich and WWII's widespread destruction had a profound effect on Esteban throughout his life--he distrusted nationalism and especially government largess.

After the Daranyis arrived in Peru in 1942, his father and Matias Gildemeister, Sr. became business partners in various Peruvian enterprises. The Daranyi and Gildemeister patriarchs had met in Munich during the 1936 Olympics.

Esteban grew up in Lima, and finished his education, which included a PhD. in Economics from San Marcos University. In 1955, after a short courtship, he married Ines Gildemeister, also of Lima, the oldest daughter of Matias (Sr.) and Maxa Gildemeister.

Ten years later, Esteban and Ines, with six children in tow, moved to the United States. The initial stop was Santa Fe, NM, where the youngest of seven children was born. While in Santa Fe, Esteban devoted his working life to help establish, promote and support the international touring group, Up With People (UWP). After four years, his growing involvement with the organization precipitated UWP's and subsequently the Daranyi's move to its headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, where he resided until his passing. His participation with UWP allowed him to travel internationally to nearly all continents on the globe.

Esteban had the good fortune and gift enabling him to learn many languages including German, Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish and English, with a little French and Italian thrown in for good measure. Fluency in these languages created an infamously unique accent for Esteban, an accent that became an identifying characteristic of his.

In 1974, Esteban founded Daranyi & Co., a precious metals brokerage firm. He remained active with the business for 43 years, serving clients throughout the US. He was a member of Tucson's VIP Breakfast Club as a small business owner for all of those years.

For several years, Esteban served as the Arizona diplomat and liaison for Peruvian citizens, helping them with immigration-related matters. He eventually ended this service when he became a naturalized citizen. Family dinner conversations usually revolved around his passions for gold and silver, his jokes, free markets, horses and horse racing. He loved special events and gathering the family around big meals. Esteban was an accomplished tennis player, something he pursued into his 80s. His children remember fondly the times he would take the entire family to Mexico (crammed into a VW van) or Europe, or Lake Powell or the Grand Canyon and many other memorable vacations and adventurous weekend outings.

He and Ines divorced after 36 years of marriage. He later met Sue Haas and spent many wonderful and memorable years as partners together, before her passing in 2016.

A voracious reader, Esteban also always had a Bible and meditative books resting on his nightstand, which he read every day for inspiration. Esteban found balance and serenity in his life through physical exercise and prayers of gratitude.

In the summer of 2020, Esteban survived the Covid-19 virus, a testament to his general good health and personal strength, but never fully recovered.

Esteban leaves behind his seven children, Patricia Maria (Switzer), George Harald, Antonio Gerardo, Monica Maria, Michael Bernardo, Eduardo Gustavo and Marie, and their respective spouses and partners, 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. In addition, numerous nieces and nephews are survived and living in Peru, Central America, Europe and the USA. He was preceded in death by his parents, Esteban 'Opi' and Elsa 'Muni' and his sister, Mafeli Ketczkemethy.

Esteban will be interned at All Faiths/Lady of the Desert Cemetery in Tucson following a Funeral Mass scheduled at St. Pius X Catholic Church on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. A reception will be held at the church's outdoor patio one hour ahead of the mass. A 'Celebration of Life' will be held once the current Covid-19 pandemic has eased and it's safe to gather his numerous friends and family.

In lieu of flowers, Esteban requests that contributions be made to the Tucson Community Food Bank or to St. Elizabeth of Hungary Clinic. Arrangements by ADAIR FUNERAL HOMES, Dodge Chapel.

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